Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fashion Brands

Superdry Japan seems to have taken over this summer with stores popping up all over the UK, but with loads of companies selling the brand it’s hard to know when you’re getting a good deal or not. Some of the major companies who sell Superdry are Cult, Bank, House of Frazer and Next, all trying to compete with prices. With an average t-shirt costing £24.99 and an average pair of jeans costing £70.99; no wonder why so many people want to sell these products. Not many of these stores offer price reductions, they just try to match the price of the items in other stores but there’s one in particular store the high street outlets are forgetting. M and M Direct offer 1000’s of products on 100’s of brands promising to price match any other price. They offer up to 75% off top brands giving you real bargins. An average Superdry t-shirt now only costing £18.00 and a pair of jeans costing £39.99 there is no need to go anywhere else ever again. If your thinking about ordering a lot of things you may want to sign up to the premier account for £14.99 a year where you will get free next day delivery and free pre-paid returns; trust me, it really does save you money! Also with every order you will receive a free beach towel; come give it a go!